Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jeeves and Wooster a palpable hit !

Very clever adaptation of Wodehouse's much loved "Code of the Woosters". Bertie, Jeeves and Aunt Dahlia's butler Seppings tell the story in character to the audience with whom they engage in a theatrical way. While Stephen Mangan, an unusual choice as Bertie, stays Wooster throughout Matthew Macfadyen and Mark Hadfield each plays a multitude of parts. It is overtly tongue in cheek throughout and very funny. Hadfield manages to play both Roderick Spode AND Aunt Dahlia but is upstaged by Macfadyen who plays Stiffy Bing and her Uncle simultaneously ! 

Mangan is good as Bertie though this highly intelligent actor is not a natural chump! His appearance in a bath at the beginning of the second act was uproariously received by the First Night audience. It is a pacy production and the timing is good throughout. Looks like a hit! 


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