Monday, June 01, 2009

Fool's Gold - Silly nonsense

One of those films that you should only watch if you really have nothing better to do. Maybe if you are trapped on a flight where there is nothing else on the flight entertainment system. Or you're with friends where after a very long and drunken lunch you collapse and the friend has the remote control. The plot is not so much formulaic as without formula at all. Take all the kids' buried treasure films you have seen. Add a modicum of racy chat hinting unsubtly at the long and hot sex that the two main protagonists have had in the past. Squeeze past the censor some gratuitous shagging in a church (well hidden behind the pews). Mix in some stereotypical baddies who seemed to have failed the audition for the latest Bond movie (one strokes a Rabbit - and is called…"Bigg Bunny). Get colourful locations with neat opportunities for some good underwater footage. Cast it with Kate Hudson who peaked early with her Oscar nomination eight years ago (for "Almost Famous") and has made dross ever since. Opposite her put Matthew McConaughey who is certainly just as pretty as she is and who has a following amongst those not too fussy about body odour. Add Donald Sutherland doing just a bit more than he needed to to pick up the cheque for his portrayal of the British rich toff with the wayward bimbo daughter (Alexis Dziena). That's about it really.

Hudson acts OK but looks rather strange. She has the opportunity to show off her very boyish figure (flat chest and neat butt) but is about as far removed from the Hollywood queens of yore as it is possible to get. Is she a Gay icon? Well she could certainly do Viola in Twelfth Night without too much need for strapping on the chest. She wins the "who has the neatest behind" contest with Dziena - but only just. Nice bikini shots of the two of them and lots of bare chest stuff from McConaughey. Something for everybody really - except students of the Cinema.